How to Make a Homemade GPS Tracker

broken glass theftDid you know that you don’t need to pay a fortune for a GPS tracking device for your car? In fact, many people are making their own GPS tracking systems and this is more easily done than you would think. Not only will it cost you less in the long run, but it allows you to set the GPS to work the way you want it to.

First, buy a cell phone with internet access. It does not have to be the latest expensive smartphone, but can be a cheaper phone that connects to the internet. On this phone, you will need to buy an unlimited data package which means you won’t have to pay for the internet connection. Many cell phone providers do sell these.

On this phone, download a GPS program that allows you to track where the car is. There are many of these and you don’t necessarily need to pay for them either. Create an account using this software and you will have an automatic tracking system. Most of these apps also have a website where you can track where the phone is, so log on to this website and install the software. You will probably notice that it doesn’t seem to be working at first. If this is the case, turn the phone off and then on again.

Next, open the application on your phone and check where you are. You will probably see your location indicated with a red dot or an arrow. The next time you log on to the GPS tracker on your computer, it will show you the same map, the only difference being that the computer is tracking the cell phone while the phone is tracking itself. If you want to be able to track where your car is at all times, leave the cell phone in the car attached to a car charger. If you are a parent wanting to keep tabs on your teen, give them this cell phone to use and you will always know where they are. This is your home made GPS tracking device and costs you substantially less than a car tracker.

GPS Tracker

What is the purpose of a GPS tracker? By now most of us are aware what a GPS tracker is. For those mobile phone users that are not sure, a GPS tracker is a system that allows you to track either a mobile phone or one that is placed in your car that car track your cars whereabouts. Now most phones already have a tracker system in them and those are for cases where a mobile phone is stolen and needs to be found. For vehicles a tracker needs to be installed at extra cost to the driver of the vehicle.

Now most companies that offer tracker systems for cars are the companies that track the car and install the tracker for you. Some tracker systems can be extremely expensive and these are normally the tracker systems that are equipped with live tracking. Live tracking means that your vehicle can be tracked live time on the internet and you can see where your car has been and where it is at the moment. You can also set up warnings on the tracker that will alert you if your car is in a dangerous area, even if you are not driving it.

Now there is a way to make your own tracker by using a mobile phone GPS system. Once you activate the cellular phone tracking system and set it up on the computer so that you can track the cellular telephone, you can then place this phone in your car and then you have an automatic tracker that will cost you less than a fancy tracking system.

No matter how you do it, it is essential that you have a tracker in your car so that you can be assured that should your car go where it shouldn’t be or be stolen you will get it back.

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